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Application fields
In giant water flitering systems,KDF can be applied in four different methods.

1. KDF can be used as pre-set processing in activated charcoal, ionic exchange, UF,RO,EDI and other flitering systems

(1)Before carbon fliteration, KDF filtering media can remove most of the extraneous constituents of water and average burden of carbon fliteration in some degree. So, KDF can be used together with carbon and lengthen the service lifetime of carbon by ten time or more.
(2)When KDF is applied before ion exchange adsorption, it can remove bacteria,Fe2+,Fe3+ and other extraneous constituents of water, in order to protect resin from being affected ,for example it assrues resin avoids losing exchanging ability because of poison. That is how KDF lengthen resin service lifetime.
(3)KDF is very important as the pre-processing of UF、RO、EDI and other precise fliterations , because the service lifetime Roreverse osmosis membrane is due to its Pre-protection .while KDF can remove most of the factors metioned above,it can lengthen the service lifetime Roreverse osmosis membrane by 5-10 years.

2. As the simplest way of fliteration, KDF flitering media can be widely used in fliteration systems of govenmental water treatment and well water.

3. Because of its special ability of heat resistance and fliteration Principle, KDF flitering media can be used to fliter the water of hot water and hot spring water, removing iron , manganese , hydrogen sulfide and other extraneous constituents with the rate of 90%- 99%.

4. KDF flitering media can be used as post processing for sewage water and recycling water treatment. Such as sewage water with heavy metal ions from electroplate factory, including the removal of lead, chrome and phenyl hydrate.

二、household、business、governmental use

(1)KDF flitering media can be use in removing hloride, heavy metal, sterilization, descaling, and so on.
(2) KDF flitering media can be used in apartment house and villa.
(3) KDF flitering media can be used for business aim.


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