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Products on display : KaiDeFei(KDF)

1. strain away 99% residual chlorine of water
1. strain away Fe2+
2. strain away heavy metal ions such as Zn2+,Hg2+,Cu2+,Cd2+...of 90% or more.
2. strain away sulphide
3. strain away hazardous substance in the water,such as Cr6+,As...and so on.
3. Restrain the reproduction of bacterium and virus
4. Restrain the reproduction of bacterium and virus
4 scale inhibition Effection
5. scale inhibition Effection
5. Improve PH value
6. Improve PH value
more…… more……


KaiDeFei(KDF) is a kind of granular high-purity quotient alloying metal,with strong ability of oxidation resistance.It is a advanced water treatment material.


Quite different to the conventional purification methods, KaiDeFei(KDF) have its Unique advantages and broad application prospect.

KDF works through oxidation-reduction reaction,which turns hazardous substance
into innocuous substance.For example,it can turns chlorine into hloride.It is a simple,low cost way to use KDF in water treatmentm,protecting those expensive water treating equipment such as microstrainer, ultrafilter,reverse osmosis membrane,ion exchange resin, granular activated carbon,from being effected by chlorine,tiny organism,and mineral substance incrustation.Meanwhile,KDF can longthen the service lifetime of those water treating equipment.


Besides KDF can remove 98% of the soluble heavy metal ions in water,therefor KDF can be applied in the treatment of heavy metal ions in drinking water and other conditions. oxidation-reduction in this process can also reduce the amount of arbonates,nitrates and sulfates in water.


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longer useful life

lower cost

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KaiDefei(KDF) has non non-comparable advantages

KaiDefei(KDF) hasbroad application fields

KaiDefei(KDF)’s detailed technology Parameter

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