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  About Us

Beijing Sheng Feng Fei long environmental protection science and technology Ltd is a professional company that sells water treatment filtering media and series water purification series equipment, with advanced technological power and strong research ability in many fields.

KaiDeFei(KDF) sold by our company is an new model of water treatment filtering material with international standards and vast marketplace prospect.Our company has many professional engineers and technicians, who offers guiding and help to consumers in time for all the applications of this product in every fields. Mean while, detailed answers to knotty problems brought by consumers and consultancy service are offered.

With the marketing experience during the past 1 year, we now have a number of customer groups, and our materials have also been applied to many fields of water treatment industry. And the reactions from the customers are very positive. Beijing ShengFengFeiLong environmental protection science and technology Ltd is ready to make progress together with all of our water.

Part of Cases:

1.wimming pool purification system of General Office of the Central Committee.
2. Descaling for Heat-exchange system of General Office of the Central Committee.
3. car washing recirculating water system of Central authority guard bureau.
4. Cold and hot water fliteration system of General Office of the Central Committee.
5. Zhong Nan Hai telecommunication office Tea boiler water purification equipment.
6. Central authority guard bureau No.305 hospital central authority air-conditioning water-cooling system descaling.
7. Beijing Shuizhuizi middle school drinking water treatment emquipment.
8. Ministry of Foreign Affairs MSG CNTR drinking water project.
9. Beijing currency printing factory Water-supply project.
10. Maoming dianbai County Guangdong Province ?shrimp breeding water improvement project.
11. Hubei Province Huang gang qiangjiang Pharmaceutical factory zeneck production line dipole reverse osmosis equipment.
12.Liaoning province general labor union huiyuanxin village swimming pool water purification emquipment.
13. Nile water purification system.
14. Hebei Zhuo Zhou Jingnan Golf club.
15. Tianjin Jixian Italy central heating factory water descaling system.
16. Shanxi provincial government lihuayuan spring water filtration.
17. USA embassy in China water purification equipment.
18 Uzbekistan embassy water purification equipment.
19. Thailand embassy water purification equipment.
20. Beijing Jiuhua Valley,BeijingLai Meng Lake villa, Beijing Lisi Garden ( villa type mini water purification emquipment).
21. Beijing Quanfa Garden,Beijing Yujing Garden,Beijing Minzu Garden( villa type mini water purification emquipment).

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Beijing Sheng Feng Fei long environmental protection science and technology Ltd
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