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Products on display:KaiDeFei(KDF)055
Index(KaiDeFei(KDF) 055):

1 technological parameter 2. Effect
3.principle of work 4. experimental data
5.way of application 6. part of cases

technological parameter:top↑※

Components: High-purity copper zinc alloy
shape:irregular granules
granules size: 0.145—2.00 mm
Specification:(10-30 grit) (2.00-0.59mm)
(30-70grit) (0.59-0.21mm)
stacking density: 2.4-2.9 g/cm3
Water-entering temperature: 0—100 ℃
PH Ranges: 5.5—8.5

Effect: top↑※

1. strain away 95% residual chlorine of water.
2. strain away heavy metal ions such as Zn2+,Hg2+,Cu2+,Cd2+...of 90% or more.
3. strain away hazardous substance in the water,such as Cr6+,As...and so on.
4. Restrain the reproduction of bacterium and? virus.
5. scale inhibition Effection.

Principle of work : top↑※

residual chlorine of water removal

equation :
Cu/Zn + Cl2 + HOCl + H2O + e → Zn2+ + Cl- + H+ + 2OH-

1. generally,residual chlorine of water is related to the chloride and residual chlorine in the water after running water being disinfected
2. tegether with trace humus,residual chlorine of water can easly turn to chloroform ,carbon tetrachloride,and other cancerogenic substance.

3. KDF055 can turn harmful residual chlorine of water in to innocuous substance--chlorine ion,which prevents the creation of harmful substances,and improves drinking water assurance factor for humanbeings grealy.

heavy metal ions removal

Zn/Cu/Zn+Pb2+ → Zn/Cu/Pb+Zn2+

1. heavy metal ions's amoumt is not big in the water,but is deleterious.As a result,water standard of drinking water has strick regulations for heavy metal ions,0.05 milligram or even 0.005 milligram below is allowed.
2.Traditional way of water treatment has great limitation in dealing with heavy metal ions removal,for example, activated carbon adsorption.
3.KDF has ideal effect in removing trace heavy metal ions,such as Zn2+,Cu2+...and so on,assuring healthy of human body.

experimental data: top↑※

Way of application: top↑※

KDF 055 is mainly applied in solving drinking water,and is applied in household water purifier,household central water purifier and bathing products,meanwhile,in dealing with polluted well water KDF uses well.KDF has been reviewed favourably.

1. KDF’s strainer core(detailed introduction)

KDF compound strainer core
(detailed introduction)

KDF pure trainer core
(detailed introduction)

2. household central water purafication(detailed introduction)

3. Health care bathe product(detailed introduction)

KDF removes rust,extraneous constituents,chlorinel,chloroform,bacteria, heavy metal ions and other injurious ingredient for human body,assuring the cleaness of bathing water.Using Feilong cosmetic health care bathing equipment frequently restrains dandruff,makes hairy root breathe freely,improves hair quality,and conserve hairs.Also,it can improves skin condition by makes skin smooth and healthy,prevents skin from Losing lustre,aging and becoming relaxed. Acne ,eczema and other skin problems are avoided.


4. water treatment projects——special heavy metal ion(detailed introduction)

part of cases: top↑※

1. wimming pool purification system of General Office of the Central Committee
2. Descaling for Heat-exchange system of General Office of the Central Committee
3. car washing recirculating water system of Central authority guard bureau
4. Cold and hot water fliteration system of General Office of the Central Committee
5. Zhong Nan Hai telecommunication office Tea boiler water purification equipment
6. Central authority guard bureau No.305 hospital central authority air-conditioning water-cooling system descaling
7. Beijing Shuizhuizi middle school drinking water treatment emquipment
8. Ministry of Foreign Affairs MSG CNTR drinking water project.
9. Beijing currency printing factory Water-supply project
10. Maoming dianbai County Guangdong Province shrimp breeding water improvement project
11. Hubei Province Huang gang qiangjiang Pharmaceutical factory zeneck production line dipole reverse osmosis equipment
12.Liaoning province general labor union huiyuanxin village swimming pool water purification emquipment
13. Nile water purification system
14. Hebei Zhuo Zhou Jingnan Golf club
15. Tianjin Jixian Italy central heating factory water descaling system
16. Shanxi provincial government lihuayuan spring water filtration
17. USA embassy in China water purification equipment
18? Uzbekistan embassy water purification equipment
19. Thailand embassy water purification equipment
20. Beijing Jiuhua Valley,BeijingLai Meng Lake villa, Beijing Lisi Garden ( villa type mini water purification emquipment)
21. Beijing Quanfa Garden,Beijing Yujing Garden,Beijing Minzu Garden( villa type mini water purification emquipment)



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